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The Ultimate Bookshelf Speaker.

The True Tone Classic is the perfect union of sound and design.

Drawing inspiration from another era when speakers were pieces of furniture, the True Tone Classic matches timeless design with the very best in modern technology. The speakers are active and bi-amplified with both professional and wireless connectivity options.

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Our Story.

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Our Story.

Bringing Home the Live Music Experience.

True Tone Speakers was born out of founder Robbie’s experience as a professional sound engineer touring the world with some of the music industry’s biggest names.

After countless hours of fine-tuning we have combined the very best in technology and design to give you speakers that you will cherish.

We love our True Tone speakers, they look fantastic in our house and we got to choose what colour and finish suited our living room best. They’re easy to use and the quality of sound is great.
Billy Green, New Zealand
I’m a very satisfied customer reporting life is better with True Tone. Best musical intervention since I picked up my first guitar.
Peter Thomson, United Kingdom
Our True Tone speakers are a centerpiece in our living room. They look amazing and sound even better (as all good speakers should). Some speakers have quality sound but don't look great; these speakers have the bonus of getting the wife's tick of approval for their design aesthetic! We love how the oak finish fits with our living room furniture. They can really pack a punch and we have never needed to crank them to anywhere near their capacity. They are easy to connect to from your phone too. The sound is always crystal clear at any volume and makes all music, no matter how often you have heard it, it feels like a whole new experience. I highly recommend these speakers and admire the hard work that has gone into making them so beautiful, and beautiful sounding.
Peter Bisset, New Zealand
True Tone delivers all you want in a sound system. Excellent quality sound, great look and very easy to use with Wifi and Bluetooth capability. Hands down the best speakers we’ve ever owned. We love our new speakers. The sound quality is exceptional and they look amazing. I've had a lot of comments on them - admiring both the sound and the look! Highly recommend.
Nick and Ella Murley, New Zealand
The best clearest sound I have ever heard. A joy to hear.
Angela Wright, United Kingdom
True Tone has managed to combine classic design and vintage cool with high quality audio performance. I reviewed a lot of speakers before settling on TrueTone and think they have nailed the product – I highly recommend them. Well done for delivering a unique and beautiful product.
Caroline and Tommy Seton, New Zealand
Our True Tone speakers are one of my favourite things in our home.
Caroline and Tommy Seton, Auckland, New Zealand

Bespoke Speakers.

Get in touch with us for commercial or unique customisation projects. 

We will work with you to create your ideal speakers. 

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